Hot night

I woke up about 7:30 and struggled to get to the climbing gym, where I managed a little over an hour, and when convinced that I was totally worn out, I drove home, stopping for biscuits.
The rest of the day was pretty standard, with Destroyer again avoiding being in an utter rage with us. In the evening, after they were in bed, I went to our next door neighbours’ sauna, where I sat for twenty minutes, hoping the heat would soothe my aching body.

It’s important not to wear jewellery in a sauna. I realised this when my necklace began to heat up, and I had to panic trying to undo the clasp. Such excitement. I’d taken a book in to read, and also not realised that after about fifteen minutes my glasses would also be uncomfortably hot. So for the last five minutes I sat there with nothing to do apart from trying to avoid breathing, or sweating, or any of the other activities that are unpleasant during great heat.

Then I got out, went back to our house and lay on the floor on a towel. I think this was relaxing, but we probably confirm this tomorrow if I’m any less sore than usual.

Destroyer woke up (while La Serpiente slumbered, a strange reversal of normality) so we had to put her back to bed, but otherwise I nice warm end to the weekend…

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