Hot, or not so hot, and customer service

I didn’t feel as deathly tired today as yesterday, although I only managed fifteen minutes on the bike at the gym (blame that partly on a bad night’s sleep, but also on having no headphones and it just being intensely boring to pedal and pedal and pedal). I had lots of rushing around and panicking to do today, what with getting my wife to the laundromat and back, dropping off kids at school, going to meetings and trying to get documentation to clients. Oh, and arguing over whether a four letter abbreviation was inappropriate compared to a three letter one. There are better things in the world to get worked up about.
After all this, in the evening I let the girls watch most of the Disney animation of Alice In Wonderland, which they seemed to like, although we had to deal with several tantrums when we turned it off at bedtime. However, our children screaming their heads off meant they distracted themselves from the fact they didn’t get dessert tonight, but I kept my mouth shut about that.

Meanwhile, my wife’s phone has gone mad after less than two weeks, and the delete and M keys don’t work. Which is pretty terrible for a touchscreen device. We only spent two hours on customer service calls getting this sorted tonight. I dread to think how long it will take to get her name updated on her Delta Airlines account…

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