Hottest day of the year

It was ludicrously hot in Seattle today, hitting 40° at some point. Early in the morning after I’d dropped the kids off at (thankfully air-conditioned) summer school, I went to the AirBnb to clear out the last of our stuff. Then we spent the rest of the day trying to skulk in the basement as much as possibleand avoid the heat.
My wife cleaned out the rabbit’s hutch; things were quite messy there and it needed all the accumulated mess cleared away. The two girls love the bunny (so far) but I’m not sure that’s enough to persuade me that we want a pet of our own yet. I ended up going outside a few times; I had to pick up the girls, and buy an HDMI cable so I can use the monitor of the family who’s house we’re staying in, rather than go blind staring at my laptop, and I also promised to take La Serpiente to the bookshop so she could spend the money she’d been gifted (a Pokémon identification manual, curiously enough).

Destroyer was good all day, until she hid in the bathroom at bedtime. I opened the door looking for her, and she kicked it shut, catching me in the face. Well, I didn’t like that very much and told her as such, and then she wept and howled for half an hour. I’ve got to get better at bedtimes.

I’m reading Mark Lanegan’s autobiography. It’s ridiculously bleak, to the point that you can’t be sure it isn’t just a pastiche of every other gloomporn memoir ever written. And I’m only 20% through…

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