House pour

They poured the foundation for our house today. I assumed there would just be a big concrete truck backed up to our lot and then a funnel to pour the concrete down, but instead the concrete truck unloaded into a different vehicle, with a four storey tall boom that the concrete flowed up, and then came back down again, to be poured out of a hose into the wooden forms. All this controlled by a man with a strange device on his belt, like a strange survivor of the 1980s game console wars.
Again, this is something that’s done with much more care and attention than you would think. One of the concrete subs was carefully honing a scraper to ensure it had a sharp edge for when he levelled off the concrete as it was poured into each form. It’s lucky somebody slapdash like me doesn’t try to build buildings.

We watched for a while as the men were hard at work, and then we all walked back home in the heat, my brain bursting as we trundled along. I’d had a massage this morning so today was fairly relaxed, and it was cooler than yesterday, but it’s still stupidly hot for Seattle.

Again, the kids went to sleep swiftly tonight. That gave me time to write plenty of clues for Destroyer – will she find her presents tomorrow? Will I remember where I hid them?

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