How did 2019 work out?

Here are the 2019 resolutions.

  • I read more than 24 books. I don’t think I read any of the serious books that I picked, but I did read a lot of books. A lot of them were books about Space Marines, but they were still books, dammit. (And I have two more I haven’t even written up reviews of yet, Thin Air and First And Only.)
  • I wrote pretty much every day on the blog in 2019.
  • I didn’t average 7 hours sleep per night. If Garmin is anything close to accurate, I got about 6.7 hours per night. So let’s call that 50% achieved.
  • Play more Blood Bowl. Did I ever? I need to take a look at my stats later, because I’m hoping I improved since my marathon effort, but I’ve a feeling the win-draw-loss ratio is still pretty bad.
  • Swimming – moving country put a pin in this. However, as my lovely wife just signed me up for a gym membership, as soon as my ear is recovered I’ll be back in the water.
  • Climbing – this has been a struggle since I got to Seattle, but I feel I’ve made progress. Missed out on the pull ups though. Call this 75%?
  • General fitness – no routine, nothing impressive. Shamefaced all round.
  • Routine with the children. Managed to walk the girls to school every day in Singapore, and in Seattle too, excluding days sick / out of town.
  • Juggling. Er … nada. As my wife kindly pointed out, I’m much better at playing the banjo than juggling. And I’m terrible at the banjo.
  • Diet – hmm. Since I put on about 4 kg, not too well. Did stop drinking coffee for a month though.
  • Novel – missed that totally.

So out of 10 resolutions, that’s about a 52.5% success rate, the best since I started tracking this with any seriousness. So, despite 2019 feeling like I wasn’t making headway, I did quite a lot. Oh, and I moved country, bought a house, got the girls into new schools, minor stuff like that.

So what about 2020?

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