How to spend a rainy day in Seattle

When I woke up this morning my shoulders and arms ached most painfully, and it took me a while to remember that was because if been mucking about with furniture yesterday. Thankfully it didn’t affect me much for the rest of the day.
I took the girls to the zoo. It was raining but there’s a play gym inside the zoo so they were content to scamper around that for an hour and a half, after which I prised them out with promises of snacks, and we took the bus to the Red Mill Burger joint, where Destroyer ate half an enormous hamburger (like me she’s quite fastidious, so she eschewed all toppings, but nom nom nomed through half the burger and bun), I had an Impossible burger with all the trimmings, and then my wife appeared in time to help stuff chicken into La Serpiente.

We began to walk to the supermarket, and on the way stopped to buy ludicrously expensive desserts at a patisserie, then a vice and a mop at the hardware store. If nothing else, this should confuse anyone data mining my credit card receipts.

The mop is for, surprise surorise, cleaning the floor. The vice is for me to have fun. When we got home, I went down to the basement and attached it to the table we have down there. Then, surrounded by the corpses of rats, I went to work drilling out the rivets in the bottom of some Hot Wheels cars.

I’m doing this because when I’m not playing Blood Bowl, I’m scheming on playing Gaslands, a game of post apocalyptic vehicular combat which should be cheap, because you can use any old Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars to play, but invariably turns out to be colossaly expensive once you’ve shelled out for an electric drill to help disassemble the cars, a vice to hold the cars in while you’re drilling the rivets out, and so on.

Also, the rivets in Hot Wheels cars are remarkably resilient; half an hour of drilling later, I’d taken apart only 3 of the 4 cars, and the battery on my drill was flat. By then there was swarf everywhere so it’s best I stopped. The Delorean is still intact, whereas the BMW is a ragged mess. If only I didn’t have business travel this week, I’d be spending tomorrow evening with super glue and spray paint, building a janky monster or two.

Anyway, on to the next big adventure…

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