For lunch today I went to HRVST, a vegan restaurant on the top floor of the building my climbing gym is in. I guess it’s called HRVST instead of Harvest because vegans are too cool for vowels, and too weak without meat to be able to switch off the caps lock on their keyboards.
They have a pretty decent deal for a three course meal for $30: it’s very confusing as a vegetarian to go to a restaurant where there are choices, rather than just having to have lasagna, but I shouldn’t complain.

I had a very good (although improbable sounding) blue cabbage steak to begin, something more forgettable involving celeriac for a main, and then an awesome caramelised pineapple ring with a scoop of clove ice cream and some pastry crumbs for dessert. HRVST grow some of their vegetables in the garden that forms part of their restaurant, and if that wasn’t hipster enough there’s even a yoga studio in the middle of HRVST. Totally to the max.

I really enjoyed this, but as it was three blocks from the office and at lunch hour, I had the unpleasant rush to and from HRVST. In both directions I felt like a salmon swimming upstream against crowds of incredibly slowly walking people, and perhaps because of that herculean effort I had to eat a whole bunch of terrible snacks in the afternoon, totally counteracting the healthy stuff I had for lunch. Oh well.

Or maybe it was the inexplicably bad hangover that I had off less than a pint of beer last night. I’m getting weak…

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  1. Glad you included the explanation about the naming of this place, as I thought it was a disease at first.
    I went to a veggie/vegan can’t remember which restaurant in Bristol. Unfortunately it was practically the coldest night of the year and the food seemed to be pretty much all salad.

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