Last night we had friends (who I met through Blood Bowl, so this nerdy pursuit is good for something) come over, and we drank a couple of bottles of wine, half a bottle of gin and half a bottle of sloe gin, and lots of cheese. Unfortunately, that was between only four of us, which may have been a little bit much.
About midnight, Destroyer came out, possibly to complain about the noise, and told me I had to cuddle her back to sleep. So I woke up at 630 this morning in my daughter’s bed, with her embracing me, which was a nice enough way to start the day.

I took the girls out and got coffee. The barista told me my girls are frickin’ cute, which was nice, and compensated for La Serpiente dropping her sandal in a drain outside and covering it in oil. So then we went home, caffeinated my wife and then I went off to work.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel like death all day, which may be luck, or it may be the cooler, less humid air of Seattle providing a more suitable atmosphere to drink in. I’m not going to complain, even if I was dying by 530 and desperate to go home.

I went home. I passed out on the sofa, my guts grumbling at me, and woke later to be trounced at Blood Bowl and then go to bed.

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