I went round to see my old manager for a few drinks last night, and woke up this morning on my couch, feeling parched. I’d only had three cans of IPA, but clearly that’s now enough to do me in.
La Serpiente came downstairs to read a book in the morning as she always does, and I begged her to bring me some water, which she did. The smallest cup of water in the entire house. I still managed to spill half of it (about a tablespoon-full) down my front, and when I asked her for a refill, she brought me an even smaller amount. Truly they’re merciless children.

Later in the day, I got to catch up with an old schoolfriend who’s visiting Seattle on holiday. We’re exactly the same age, sharing our birthday, and it was strange to catch up with somebody who I hadn’t seen since 2008 or maybe even 2007. I showed him the Seattle Troll, showed off our car and our house, and gave him a few tips for fun restaurants in town.

Driving back to drop him off at his hotel, I took the girls, and they both melted down spectacularly, Destroyer enraged that La Serpiente had run to the car ahead of her, and La Serpiente weeping because I wouldn’t let her hammer on a frisbee with a plastic baseball bat because … Well, because it was profoundly distracting and her sister was upset by it. Cue peals of tears, only cured eventually when Destroyer deigned to play a handgame with her akin to pattycake but (a) much more complicated and (b) apparently impossible for La Serpiente to explain to her sister.

So, er, I guess I’m glad I got drunk last night as preparation for this …

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