Hungover, hiking and such

The sun was shining today, so we got the girls out and went for a hike, up a hill and then down the other side, over in Bellevue. La Serpiente and I ran ahead, and encountered a small dog and its owner. The dog came over and sniffed La Serpiente and allowed itself to be petted, and then the owner said it was normally very skittish and unlike this – at which point the dog got skittish and yapped like crazy, freaking out La Serpiente.
The rest of the hike was uneventful. I was befuddled and absent minded (due to staying up too late, not getting coffee) and that persisted all day, including our girls’first ever ride through an automated car wash, a walk around Ballard, and all the cider we could possibly drink. So tonight I’m going to bed early (at 1am) and hoping things are better tomorrow.

I spent three hours happily painting Blood Bowl miniatures this evening, the first time in at least six months. Here’s the results, my almost finished lozardmen: less frustrating to paint than to play, funnily enough…

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