Hungover Sunday

We got really drunk last night on gin, and so I woke up today feeling despondent, my face sore from all the sneezing I’d done. The rains abated for a short while, so we drove down to the farmers market in Ballard and bought lots of things involving ginger, and eventually some saline solution to blow up my nose.
I took the girls to see Frozen II again while my wife shopped for vegetables and a Christmas turkey, and they were scared in the same places as before, which I found a little odd. Once again, La Serpiente was sprawled all over me for most of the film.

In the afternoon, after a pleasant interlude vacuuming water out of the basement, I went climbing for an hour down at Seattle Bouldering Project, and I felt I was a bit better than last time, but also a bit cautious in a few of the areas. A friend of ours is flying back to Ireland tomorrow from Seattle, and I’d offered to pick her up from the Greyhound station (she lives in Vancouver) but phones don’t work and the roads were all messed up for some after-game event, so that should have been ten minutes but was forty minutes of stress and worry.

I got home, kids were demented. There was a fly in the bathroom but the Raid was down in the basement, and I couldn’t catch the fly, so I sprayed it with Axe Body Spray and after an hour found it dead in the bath. I guess it was all bro’d out. My wife, flagging, went to bed, and I sat on the sofa losing my mind for an hour or two. Regular Sunday, I guess.

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