Hunting down south

For weeks now, La Serpiente has been asking for a Hatchimals Pixie Flyer, and I’m so glad we paid attention and bought her one early, because otherwise we could have been in a situation where they’re sold out online and the only way to get them is to pay $75 over the actual price to get one from a scalper.

Oh, hold on, wrong universe: we failed to take account of the rarity of the Pixie Flyer, but thanks to a bit of help from our friends, we located the last $25 Pixie Flyer in the state, ONA shelf in a Walmart thirty miles away. So this morning we parked the girls at a friend’s house and then drove through a torrential downpour to Puyallup, where we go either for the State Fair or so I can play Blood Bowl with a friend of mine, neither of which have been possible since the pandemic started.

We got to Walmart, and there was no sign of the Pixie Flyer. Damn it to hell. But a second Walmart, a mile from the first one, did have it, literally the last one on the shelf, which we happily scooped up. Then we went on to Target to get Destroyer’s chosen toy, a How To Train Your Dragon Rescue Riders Burple (is that enough words?) and while we were at it a Blackpink doll for each of them, as our girls do love Korean pop (or at least one K-Pop girl group), and a bunch of other stocking stuffers.

All that done, I felt I deserved a coffee, and Anthem, my favourite, is down Puyallup way. So I punched Anthem into the navigation, chose the first of the three options it gave me, and failed to see that I’d selected Anthem Place, a residential cul-de-sac six miles from any Anthem Tea & Coffee. How we laughed when we got there. (Where "we" equals my wife. Not me.)

We did get coffee eventually, then drove back home, and then I had a series of errands like picking up cider and trying to get my wife’s prescription for her backpain (difficult, as it wasn’t actually in the pharmacy’s computer) and generally zooming around Ballard.

Somehow, despite being in the car all day, I walked almost 10,000 steps. I suppose running amok in the mall helps. Back to sitting down all day tomorrow at my ‘office’…

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