I do like Mondays

I had a good day today. The girls slept in my bed, but let me snooze until 8:30, and I felt like I actually got some work done today. Often Monday is a hard day to motivate myself after the weekend, but I drew graphs, talked to people, all that good stuff.
At lunchtime, the girls didn’t eat properly, so I bagged up the remains of their lunch and when we went out on our ride, I didn’t let them have any treats until they finished lunch. I also made Destroyer hold my coffee cup for me on the ride from the cafe to the cliffs, which didn’t work so well as we went over a few bumps, but most of it wasn’t spilled.

This evening, finishing dinner late, the girls demanded more exercise. We set off towards La Serpiente’s school (two blocks north and four across) and La Serpiente took a massive flyer about five houses up from our home, when she came up against a raised flagstone. It was a nasty looking crash – she fell all the way from atop her unicycle and banged her hand and her ankle, but she was adamant that she wanted to continue, and we got all the way to school and back.

So I have a very tough daughter to be proud of. She now gets recognised by other children on the street – it’s nice to feel part of the community.

Tonight was the first time in almost a week that we didn’t dose them with melatonin. It took La Serpiente slightly longer to go to sleep than before – perhaps five minutes – and Destroyer took half an hour, but I think they may be back on a regular sleep schedule again after the 3 hour bedtime hell Destroyer inflicted before.

Oh, and Destroyer had a lovely story about the dream she had this morning, with a huge shark that her uncle from Nova Scotia killed for her. At least, I think that’s sweet.

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