I got up. And it rained.

The girls woke up early today and played backgammon together, and Destroyer won, which La Serpiente seemed delighted with, especially as Destroyer didn’t get angry when La Serpiente took any of her counters. That let me and my wife sleep a bit late, which helped our mental state, and then we had a fairly normal day, insofar as anything is normal these days.
Late afternoon, I played La Serpiente and beat her (winning by five counters) which she was less happy about; I’ll go less aggressive for the next few games and see if she can do better. From playing lots of games of Blood Bowl and losing lots of them, I know it’s nice to win occasionally.

Last night we wrapped lots of gifts, so today we didn’t do anything of the sort; we watched some Great British Bake Off, ate some chocolate, considered making a plaited stollen cake like the ones on TV. We watched a bit more of Derry Girls, once again discovering my secret power is I can understand the Derry accent without subtitles, unlike my wife, and then I finished the evening off by losing 2-1 at Blood Bowl. Because you can’t have everything.

Tomorrow I have a day off. I also have a meeting, confusingly enough, and the girls finish school early for the winter break. So there should be more interesting things ahead, than "I got up, and it rained". Maybe.

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