Ice cream and conversation

Today I took the girls on a walk up to Phinney Ridge, and because it’s January and freezing cold, they insisted on me buying them ice cream, with sprinkles on top. Oh, the strange metabolism of my children.
I had to take a phone call explaining about the difference between Android and iOS, and because my children are perceptive listeners, then I had to try to explain to them what an android was, with reference to science fiction, robots, and modern phone operating systems. Which was quite a lot to do while juggling a cup of coffee and trying to think about things.

I also managed 28 pull ups today. I’m not quite sure how; my forearms are just continually sore now, but I only have 90 more to do in the next three days to complete this resolution. Then I’m planning on taking a break for a day or two to recover, and then going for twenty a day until that becomes easy.

This evening, played Blood Bowl, lost my match. The guy I was playing against was insanely slow for the first half, taking more than four minutes every turn, which really sucks the enjoyment out of the game for me (beating me 3-0 and killing two of my players didn’t help either for my mood) so then j stayed up until 2 am playing Cyberpunk to try to get over it. Didn’t get over it. Onwards!

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