Ice cream and taxis

Somehow I managed to reduce my phone’s battery to 5% before I took the girls swimming, and I only realised my predicament part way through Destroyer’s class. Turning my phone off to save battery when it was at 2% didn’t help, because the restart process is so convoluted that when I turned it back on, the white start screen blazed at me for a couple of minutes until, exhausted, my phone shut down permanently.

With no phone to call for a taxi, no app to summon a car, I began to walk my two tired children on the start of the four mile journey home.

It had rained, so of course most of the taxis of Singapore had dissolved. The rest were either hired, or driven by blind men. I’d stand at the side of the road, trying to hail a taxi, and the driver would make eye contact and even rotate his head to keep me in view, even as they zoomed on without stopping.

The girls may have been able to add a few choice words to their vocabularies after this evening. They did their best to help, also waving their hands to hail uncaring taxis, but nobody stopped. Of course, the girls haven’t quite got the concept of taxis square yet, so they were waving at every vehicle that went past, but it’s the thought that counts.

When we’d walked most of a kilometre, finally a taxi stopped for us and we got to head towards our promised ice cream. This was a bit of a bad idea for a damp, lacking in body weight Destroyer, who was visibly trembling as she spooned ice cream into her mouth. I was encouraged to see that even the threat of hypothermia wouldn’t discourage her from dessert. Truly my daughter.

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