Ill-advised late night

The weather has continued to cool here, and so we had a bit more energy. We took the girls to Coyles, one of the local bakeries, fed them pain au chocolat, then went back to our house to figure out which plants we want to keep and which it’s ok for the builders to bury under mounds of dirt. Then, with that done it was time for us to rush to the shops and for me to drive down south of Seattle to visit the homeless.
As usual, miserable weather on the way down translated to clear skies while we were at our first stop, and then it chucked it down at the second, so I got a bit wet and cold before driving home. I had to charge the car (possibly my last chance before the power is turned off) so I parked the car on our drive and began to walk home. Then I made the mistake of putting on some happy pop music and then tried running the mile back to the Airbnb; I got my steps in, at least.

The girls went to sleep fast, casualties of running around in the park all day. I stayed up too late watching Logan Lucky again, when I should have gone to bed earlier. I’ll learn one day, I guess …

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