Impending upgrade

Tomorrow morning I go to get my new set of teeth aligners; I’ve been through 17 different sets, and then I had to wait a month and a half for new ones to be manufactured, so I’ve been wearing the same ones for all that time. I expect with new ones, I’ll have a period of sore teeth again, but hopefully much less than in the past.
Despite not feeling they made much difference from week to week, comparing the 17th set of aligners with the first it’s fairly obvious that they’ve done something; the line of my incisors is much tidier now, with no overlap of teeth, than when I started, and although some of the molars are still canted over a bit, things have moved a lot. I’m not sure what the remainder of the process will do, but there’s probably another six months of fine tuning before it’s done, and then who knows if I need to wear a retainer after that to keep the teeth in place forever?

Meanwhile I walked La Serpiente down to the optician today for her yearly eye test. Her left eye is much worse than her right, so we’re scheduling vision therapy for her after she gets back from Canada (whatever that means). Oh, and because the Canadian passport authorities have failed to issue her sister’s passport in time, we’ve got to reapply for a rush passport (and pay for that as well, without a refund on the first one, unfairly enough) in order to get her home this summer. Which is rather annoying, but better than telling her she can’t go to Canada…

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