I’ve been working with my personal trainer at the climbing wall for about three months now, so today we had a session where he assessed my fitness. This consisted mostly of painful things like hanging from a bar until I couldn’t hold on any more (around a minute, I think), or doing pull ups, or seeing how long I can hold a plank for (just over two minutes). After a while, these different feats of muscular endurance merge together into a general blur, and after that I tried climbing up a few things, which were both much easier than a week or two back.
So in short, I’m improving. I’ve set a few new goals, to achieve before I go on my summer break: climb a 20 (the hardest I can do is a 15 right now) and stand on my head. That fits well with juggling (which continues…) as well as learning to wheelie, and possibly fitting fifteen clowns inside a car this size:

I got home, to find my wife had put the kids to bed, and then we watched the Argentinian MotoGP race, which was quite ridiculous. The weather had changed and for some reason only one person had been brave enough to use slick tyres, which meant everyone else got demoted to the back of the grid. But when all but one person was demoted, the only solution was to put everyone else as far back as possible and give the one brave guy a 50 metre head start.

And then there were stalls on the grid, penalties, crashes, and the whole thing was far more exciting than an entire season from two or more years ago. Which was good, except my heart will be pounding all night from the excitement.

Inspired, I drove a fake car around a race track for ten minutes, but I’d earned that by dangling from a bar for some time. And now to bed.

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