In need of sleep

I was zonked today. I’m not sure if that was a reaction to the vaccine, or just being tired. I suppose staying up to two in the morning playing Blood Bowl didn’t help. The morning was a rush once I did get moving; we had to do grocery shopping, then I drove through the wind and the rain to help out at the homeless encampment down south.
It was miserably cold and wet – the wind was blowing hard for two hours, and even though I had a waterproof jacket my lower half was soaked and freezing. On the way home I ended up pulling my trousers down and running the heated seats at full power to keep me warm. Technology is a wonderful thing.

At home again, I spent most of the rest of the day falling asleep, and then after dinner and putting the girls to bed, I went climbing and found I was pretty feeble. I spent 45 minutes falling off the wall, then went home to recuperate. Dental appointment tomorrow, which means another early start. Oh, to sleep again…

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