In search of biscuits

The temperature was just above zero today and I took La Serpiente out for an expedition to buy biscuits. We tramped down the hill to our favourite biscuit vendor, where I got a bag of biscuits and rewarded La Serpiente with a hot chocolate, then walked to the supermarket to get a few other necessary provisions, like fruit and salami. Weighed down with these, I took her to Target to buy replacement USB cables (our current ones are all fraying or just don’t work) and then tried to head back.
It was getting close to lunchtime, so I bought a bag of chips for her, and then we began to head up the hill to home. That’s fifteen blocks north and six east, and the combination of overheating from heavy coats, and still having to deal with the ice and snow on the pavement, and wearing masks made this a less than pleasant walk home. Did I mention the bag of groceries I was carrying as well?

We got home just in time for La Serpiente to have her second chess lesson with my father, and then I retired to my bedroom for a couple of games of Blood Bowl (one loss, one win by my opponent conceding) and then an afternoon of shovelling some of the remaining snow from around the edges of our house.

For a change, I didn’t play Cyberpunk today, which means I won’t be up until two in the morning staring at the TV. I also didn’t give La Serpiente a melatonin tonight, on the assumption that the long walk had worn her out enough, and our theory is that melatonin makes going to sleep easier, but staying asleep harder. Since La Serpiente goes down to sleep quickly but always gets up in the night, we have to experiment.

This evening Destroyer got in a snit and screamed for long enough that I got a migraine. So I guess I need to have a long walk to get bonding with her, as La Serpiente seems to have (mostly) stopped screaming.

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