I played Cyberpunk for about four hours today, which is clearly a bit too much. The elation of being able to charge through a hypermodern hotel, fighting off robots and corporate assassin’s, before being inserted in Keanu Reeves’ mind, was just a bit much to turn down. I think it’s time to let that game rest for a while until I have done some of the other things that life requires.
The kids were mostly good today. I took Destroyer on a long walk at lunchtime and bought her a macaron as a treat. Of course, both girls melted down at bedtime, La Serpiente more so than Destroyer, but I read them stories and got them to bed eventually. The sheer injustice La Serpiente perceives when she has to have her teeth brushed first is something else, though.

Other than that, a very sluggish Monday, as they often are. I’ve got to think quite carefully about what great things I want to achieve this year. And I need to play slightly less hours of computer games…

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