This evening I went back to a house we looked at before, to figure out if I should buy it or not.
It’s a hundred year old Craftsman house, made of timber with vinyl siding, facing a children’s park. Unlike the previous houses (riddled with asbestos and hundred year old wiring that threatened to go up in flame at any moment) there’s not much wrong with it.

There are a few things wrong with it. There ae various bodges with tar, or DIY guttering, but they’re not so bad. Because the house is on a set of concrete piers rather than a poured concrete foundation, there are gaps around the bottom of the siding and so vermin can get into the basement, but that can be sealed and fixed in the short term, and then (if I can justify the time and cost) redo the foundations in concrete next year. Oh, and there’s issues with the back porch, and the upstairs bathroom, and so on and so forth, but for a hundred year old house, these are things I can cope with.

I think. Let’s wait and see if our offer is accepted or not.

I went home, exhausted, intending to do some work on my MBA, and then felt like I was going to pass out, so instead I took myself to bed. I didn’t even attempt to play Blood Bowl tonight.

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