I couldn’t sleep last night, for no apparent reason at all, and got no more than four hours rest. That made the day start harshly, although by mid afternoon I’d hit my stride and managed to get a few things achieved. Including 14 pull ups, in less than six hours.
I’ve taken to long walks in the evening after the kids are asleep, in an attempt to get up to 10,000 steps in a day. Today I managed 8,000, bit we also went cycling today, so I think I did enough exercise.

We also watched the last two episodes of The Good Place. I thought this would be less stressful than the Great British Bake Off, but then I spent most of an hour sobbing my eyes out, so not everything is as you expect it. I went back to reading Whiskey When We’re Dry after that, as tales of murderous cowboys in the Old West are less emotionally draining.

I have a call at 7:30 tomorrow morning, which may also be emotionally draining. But the weekend veers near, with the girls off school on Friday for some holiday or other. On to the next adventure!

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