Into the dark

The days are getting darker and colder. Or at least the mornings: we woke to another perishingly cold day today, but by the afternoon it was clear and even a bit warm.
Today, we removed more drywall from the inside of the house, to get at some of the old cabling. Just as with everything else in the house, eccentric choices in the past are now coming to haunt us. But we’re making steady progress.

Downstairs in the basement, excitingly, they’ve now cut holes for both the windows in my office; a pair of 4’x3′ windows, repurposed from the windows that were the wrong side for the family room at the back of the house. That will give a lot of natural light for my office. Or at least, it will when it’s not cold and dark and raining. So, some of the year…

This evening, after another visit to Home Depot (this time for vacuum filters and heavy trash bags) I had a call with Singapore, which is always nice. Then, with the kids asleep, I won my second consecutive game of Blood Bowl (after seven losses in a row, that’s quite satisfying) and then worked on the tournament promotion a bit more. Better start gluing miniatures together soon!

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