Into the depths

I had a call with our contractor this morning, a confusing, echoey affair where he couldn’t hear us properly, and at the end he asked if we could see him on site at some point. Which, as he was arriving there and we were only five minutes away, struck me as better than having the phone call. But never mind.
We got the chance to take a trip into our basement. It has that lovely smell of freshly sawn timber, it has a floor which is still just dirt, but with the framing continuing, it finally feels like a house again. And with me getting a man cave into the bargain, suddenly I no longer view the project with fear and trepidation, but with excitement that in a month we’ll be back in our house. It won’t be a finished house by any stretch of the imagination, but it will be a long way there…

It was also our tenth anniversary today, so we went for lunch down in Ballard, while the kids were occupied at school. We had a perfect avocado toast, a nice plate of hummus and some olives, and then walked around in shock for a while at the quiet, before going to buy more toys to occupy the girls on our travels.

We also failed to do any packing. With us leaving our current house in 96 hours or less, we should really get on with that. If only we could just stick it all in our basement…

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  1. So glad you were able to go for lunch together. I do hope the toys eke out for the whole trip.
    Exciting times ahead.

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