Into the (slightly more) wild

We drove into the Hoh Rainforest for three nights today, where my phone has no internet connectivity, and so I’ll have peace and quiet without any capability to check any news, emails or messages. So these updates may suddenly appear in a flurry when my phone gets to talk to the rest of the world again.
After sleeping in a wooden structure with a flat floor last night, I’d hoped my back would be fully recovered from the scoliosis-inducing lumps and bumps of our first campsite. But not to be; still sore. Eventually I’ll get used to it. Or die, I suppose.

We packed (it only took about an hour this time, so we must be improving) and then drove to Forks. Forks is famous as the setting for the Twilight novels, and there’s really not much there apart from that. There’s the Twilight museum, which contains lots of costumes and props from the films, including a polystyrene wolf silhouette that was used in place of the wolf itself, so the actors had something to respond to before the CGI was added. It was quite fun and may have convinced me to read the novels. That might be a bad thing…

Mid afternoon, after charging the car to almost full (we parked next to a Tesla driver who’d plugged his car into the next charger but forgot to actually start it charging, leaving him with an eight hour waste of time) we went to the grocery store and then down to First Beach in Le Push.

Up in Forks the sun was bright and unforgiving, no respite from the heat. We drove twenty miles to Le Push, and found ourselves on a foggy beach with almost no visibility, freezing wind blowing in. Huge rocks rose out of the water, as though we were in some PNW version of Thailand. A flock of pelicans bobbed up and down on the surf, occasionally interrupted by two seals, while the girls run around in the waves, apparently impervious to the temperature.

I had no idea pelicans congregated this far north. Or that they tolerated seals – so always new things to learn.

And then we drove to the Hoh Rainforest, with a fifteen mile drive from the nearest spot of civilization. It’s going to be an interesting three days…

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