Into the unknown

I took the family to the IRS today, which was both much more and much less stressful than expected.
We collected the girls from climbing at 11:45 and drove to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal, arriving with forty minutes to spare before the sailing. And then sat in a queue of cars to see if we could buy a ticket to board, and nobody moved for 35 minutes and I began to panic that there was no way to get on the boat, while the kids got more and more fractious and I lost what little patience I had.

Then, we made it onto the ferry (almost dead last) and began the drive down to Silverdale. Now we had to contend with constant complaining from Destroyer that she was hungry (she had hardly touched her lunch) and that life was unfair (La Serpiente had got a peach to eat – but she had eaten all her lunch) until we were having to loudly remonstrate with her at 70mph.

Then we got to the IRS building in Silverdale, got Destroyer to eat some of her lunch, and went in for our hour long scheduled appointment.

This took slightly more time than the metal detector sweep before we had the appointment; each child had to show their face, I had to hand over a wodge of paper, and then we left. Much less painful than I’d imagined, except we were still miles from home and I’d had no lunch.

We stopped at the Silver City Brewhouse, had a disgusting strawberry milkshake flavour IPA (it smelt exactly like strawberry milkshake, it tasted exactly like the worst IPA you ever drank), La Serpiente ate an entire serving of chicken strips, the girls each had an ice cream sundae and then we drove home, watched the remainder of a Anne Hathaway film Destroyer disrupted with a tantrum yesterday, had to explain to both kids why they wouldn’t get another treat tonight … And then bed.

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