Is it only Monday?

The heat stopped today,a blessed relief but also a shock to the system as the house was chilly,even before the rains came. I was pleased it rained because it’s good for the plants in the garden,and it validated my decision to get a man round to fix the gutter,even if the main thing he did was advise me to hit the gutter with a broom when it filled up with water.
Early on it was still warm,and so between meetings I had to walk the girls,like I was exercising a dog. They rode their bicycles and I trudged after them, and after 45 minutes or so we were home again,and I was back on phone calls for the rest of the day.

More Lego has arrived for the children, because we keep buying it. I even bought a sports car for myself, though I was tempted by a hundred dollar Technics walker. Maybe for my birthday. The kids made monster trucks,not knowing that even more fun stuff is in the mail for thrm.

I worked until about 6, then stopped. The kids were easy to put down tonight when they weren’t yelling,clearly worn out but also not battling volcanic temperatures in their bedroom, and then I did most of my MBA presentation, which feels like a massive blag. But perhaps that’s a realistic imitation of an actual business plan. Tomorrow I hope to finish it off,and then my MBA might be in my reach. Just need to do a 10 minute presentation and make convincing balance sheets. Yikes .

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