July 4th again

Every year the whole of the US comes out to celebrate my wife’s birthday with fireworks and parades. The pandemic put a dampener on mass gatherings but there are still rockets going off late into the evening, while the moon waxes gibbous and bloody.
The day was varied. In the morning we woke up in relative amounts of exhaustion, my wife opened her presents and then we napped until friends from Singapore called.

Then I took the girls out to play in the park, until it was time to panic and drive to the pie shop to fetch my wife’s dessert. With that picked up, I tried to eat an entire packet of Pringles without drinking anything, getting close to the record, but only managing 7 minutes and 20 seconds.

We took the girls off for a hike and went to Mercer Slough in Bellevue. I spent many an early morning running there when I was visiting the Expedia offices for work, and hadn’t realized that a huge railway station is being built, denying us access to most of the trails. Still, we walked and walked, then went to a barbecue joint for dinner, before going home.

Then Destroyer had a massive, caterwauling tantrum when she couldn’t watch more TV, to the point where I ended up yelling at her, and everyone was very weepy after that and I felt dreadful for shouting. So not quite the end to the day I’d imagined. Ah well.

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