Just 15 minutes!

Again, the girls and the cat conspired to keep us up half the night. It felt like I only got to sleep a minute before the alarm went off to get the kids up. I pleaded with my wife for a few extra minutes in bed, before starting on the school run.
I had calls as soon as I got back, and at nine, just as my wife was contemplating going back to bed herself, the school rang to tell us that Destroyer had run into a metal pole in the playground, and so I had to go and fetch her, and my wife consoled her all morning. Thankfully, not much blood.

In the afternoon, I took her back to school to collect her sister, and at that point my wife could have got a nap in. Except the heating company called up to book a service for our (non existent) furnace. So no sleep for either of us.

Then again, I took everyone for pizza tonight, and that was the first time I felt ok all day. Maybe that’s the way to do it…

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