Kinda busy doing nothing

I played four games of Blood Bowl today: one in the morning that I drew 1-1, one in the evening that I lost 3-0, another game that I lost 2-1, and then the last one that I lost 1-0, which suggests I might be getting better, or at least less worse.
I’m surprisingly happy with these results because in the morning game, I had a terrible run of dice that left me with 5 players before we were a quarter of the way through the game, but while I wanted to quit in the face of a dramatic loss, I battled on and got a draw. With my other games, I did a lot of damage to the opposing team (in the last one, two dead players and two more seriously injured) and my Ogre team are dementedly bad – they are big and strong, but lack any skills to stop themselves falling over, and are also bone headed and completely lacking in rerolls. So I’ve made a tough road to follow, and right now that lack of expectation makes it easier to take a bit of failure. How I’ll feel after another 23 games of Ogre idiocy is another story.

We went to a birthday party today. The girls were mostly pretty good and we wore them out, walking them to the party because we left La Serpiente`s booster seat in a friend’s car, and then walking them back and making them play in the playground for four hours. Four hours where I could have been indoors playing more Blood Bowl, mind, but you can’t have everything.

Tired now, and going running in 8 hours, so now it’s to bed. On to the morning!

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