Kitchen tricks

Finally, after nine months in the house, we rearranged things in the kitchen to make more efficient use of the counter tops. The toaster is next to the bread, the kettle and the new milk frother and the soon-to-arrive coffee bean grinder are all in one place, and the massive mound of junk that was taking up most of the main work area is now tidied away. Which is nice. La Serpiente has a stool she can stand on if she wants to put toast in the toaster, and the compost bucket isn’t in a place where you’ll drop muck all over the drying rack as you feed it. That only took an hour.
Obviously much of the rest of the house is still a total mess, but my desk in my tiny home office is set up properly and hopefully as we go on and weeks stretch into months, we might get the rest tidied up, things put away, and some semblance of order.

Today I had meetings from 9 until about 230, after which I was wrecked. I was wrecked before that too, because the kids both slept in our bed last night, and I woke up on La Serpiente’s bunk. So perhaps when we’ve finished tidying the house, we’ll fix that too.

Or that will be another fantasy of the summer of covid-19…

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