Labor Day Work

Today was a holiday, so we spent it tidying up the house. I spent half an hour in a tiny cupboard under the eaves, rearranging camping equipment while my wife packed away summer clothes, and then the four of us walked up to the library with 18 books in a backpack, which explains why I felt a bit tired all afternoon.
We fed the girls lemonade, then walked to the bookshop and bought more books (the ones the library doesn’t have available for months due to popularity), then got ice cream, then walked home. A lot of walking.

Frogmorton is not pleased to be locked in the upstairs rooms, and made his feelings clear by crapping on a blanket. However, there are too many unfinished surfaces he could leap onto right now for him to be allowed out unsupervised; hopefully playing with him placates him (and it’s only a month until we get our washing machine installed, so, er, not a problem either way, I guess.)

I got the girls to bed, had a call with APAC, watched some TV, and now I’m ready for bed. Tomorrow, back to work, bit no more carrying huge bags of books for a while…

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