Last day without my wife

Today was my last full day with the girls before my wife gets back. Or rather, a day where I took them to school, then went to the office. I still had to pick them up this afternoon though, so I rushed back to school and we then lost 15 minutes looking for Destroyer’s shoes, which had inexplicably been hidden inside her backpack.

I was planning to catch up on work after I got them back, but I had to entertain the girls, take them to eat ice cream, and somehow avoid watching any television.

I was hoping Destroyer would go to sleep, but although both La Serpiente and I both fell asleep quickly, I woke up 45 minutes later to find Destroyer still wide awake and demanding a huggle (a portmanteau of a hug and a cuddle, in case you weren’t paying attention).

Eventually I sneaked out of their room, just in time to lose another Blood Bowl game online (3-1, and I managed to kill one of my favourite players with a bit of inept dodging).

Still, the kids are quiet, and my wife is only six hours away…

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