Last night in Canada

I woke up sore and exhausted from climbing, and shambled around for most of the day. We took the girls to the beach – another hour of purgatory for me, getting sand between my toes and throwing the children into the sea – before going home to roast hot dogs over a fire.
After that I put the kids down, reading to them about unicorns and rabbits, and then had to traipse up and down the stairs multiple times as they demanded in turn for me to fill their water bottles. Finally I had the chance to lie down and sleep, at which point the babysitter arrived and my wife told me I had to go out and socialise. So a half hour nap was out of the question.

Instead, we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday with lemon meringue pie and mince tarts, and I killed two mosquitoes by swiping them from the air. It turns out the Canadian mozzie is just not evasive enough to avoid an angry man from South London. Who knew?

Tomorrow, I have 15 hours travel ahead of me. If nothing goes wrong. It is both faster and cheaper from Seattle to travel to Singapore than it is to get to Halifax.

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