Last night

We’re moving out tomorrow, after two lovely weeks of cat sitting. Piiku, the slightly grumpy Persian, made himself scarce tonight (maybe he’s upset we’re leaving him) so I sat in the sauna for fifteen minutes, in between helping tidy up.
We’re not moving far (l as than fifteen blocks north) but we don’t have news on a replacement car yet. Fortunately, the builders have a van we can borrow to shift our stuff up, so transportation is solved. If only all of life was so simple.

The house continues to go, a project where occasionally I lose all hope it will ever finish. But we have about a month left to wire and rewire, so that’s a solid goal to have. I’m hoping we can undo the mess of wiring from the previous renovation and get things in order in that time. One bit of good news is that we don’t need to run wire for the fire alarms upstairs – they’re already wired in – so we only have to sort out the ground floor. Sometimes life gives you pleasant surprises…

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