Late again

We stayed up too late last night watching a garbage movie (The House) and then Destroyer woke us at 5 this morning, excited by her Easter presents. We’d spent an hour last night looking for them, my wife convinced that she’d given them to me to conceal by my desk, when in fact half of them were in a bag at the foot of our bed. And we were also tired from the 12 hour journey home from Bend on Friday.

So after being woken, we fell asleep again and missed our electrician coming round, which means we still don’t have our stove operational again, and the morning was really a write-off.

Thankfully we had lunch plans with our next door neighbours, so the girls played on the trampoline for hours (until La Serpiente had a meltdown) and then it was an early night for everyone (my wife feeling poorly) except me – I got to stay up, play a game of Blood Bowl, lose very badly, feel down, and then go to bed. (This is mainly a lesson about how you shouldn’t play Blood Bowl when you’re tired, but never mind.)
Tomorrow I go back to work after a week off – I’m a little nervous that I’ll have totally forgotten everything, but I’m sure I’m not that forgetful… Right? It’s not like I’m massively sleep deprived, after all.

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  1. Happy Easter & glad to hear you have made it back home. Did you have to make many stops to recharge yourselves and the car ?

    • Just one stop in Vancouver, WA on the way back up. Total spend on fuel this trip: $2.58 for about 900 miles of driving. Electricity is wonderful sometimes.

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