Late bedtime

The kids had very little exercise today, so it took about two hours and lots of screaming for them to go to sleep. At one point La Serpiente brought a blanket and a pillow and went to sleep on the landing, and then we woke her up and made her go back to bed, but that meant any hope of doing anything before 930 this evening was in tatters. Tomorrow is also a day packed with meetings, precluding me from getting out to wear the kids out, so tomorrow evening may be as ridiculous.
I had my second banjo lesson today, and I have five different songs to practice – Bile Them Cabbage Down, Candy Mountain, Cripple Creek and the opening riff from Old Town Road, and of course Duelling Banjos from Deliverance, which I just need to play faster and faster until I can sit on my porch and upset the neighbours.

We watched two more episodes of Westworld tonight, as it reaches the climax with a Scrooby Doo level of "aha!" moments, where everything you’ve seen before turns out to be an illusion, wrapped in a mystery, bundled up in a conundrum, coated in… ah, I don’t know what. It looks beautiful and it’s more entertaining than season 2,so why complain if it thinks it’s cleverer than it really is?
Anyway, I should be getting to bed. Tomorrow is a big day, or an early start or both..

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