Late late great great

I had an 8 o’clock call this morning, so after dropping off La Serpiente at her gym class, I rode as fast as I could to work, which turns out to be 23 minutes. I had a productive call, and then another meeting after I’d got some coffee, and then made my way through the rest of the day without any wheels falling off.
This evening the light showers that hadn’t materialised in the morning arrived, and soaked me on my way home. I got back, put the kids down spent a couple of hours on work and then had a game of Blood Bowl to relax.

I say relax: I made a mistake at the start and was basically playing with a 2 person disadvantage for the entire match, with my fragile nice vs a big burly team of killers. I think this was one of the first times I was ready to concede.

But I told myself not to give uo; at half time, a touchdown down, I could still field my whole team, and iin the second half we had an amazing time, where I’d catch the ball, then lose it, then recover it, forever teetering on the edge of losing. Every time I thought I was safe I’d lose the ball again, and it was only a last turn dodge, sprint and pick up that got me the draw. But a well earned draw it was.

Then my wife cajoled me into going swimming, so at 1130 I was in the pool, at midnight I was in the sauna, and at 1215 my phone’s battery went flat, luckily just after I’d ordered an Uber to get me home. With all that excitement, I think it’s time for bed.

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