Late night climbing

After work today, and after Destroyer had screamed at me that she wanted her mother for what felt like half an hour before going to sleep, I went out to Seattle Bouldering Project to climb. The last time I went climbing was when I was in San Francisco, three or more weeks ago, and in the intervening time I’ve added several kilos of extra challenge to my climbing. So, combined with being tired, I should have had low expectations.
I hung around downstairs for a while but one of the rooms was too loud for me when I needed contemplative calm. I went to the Pacific Northwest Room, which suited me better. There’s lots of overhangs, but some of them are nice big holds, and it’s quieter. Without realising, I spent an hour concentrating on climbing and nothing else, and when I eventually had to stop, it was because I couldn’t climb any more.

So then I went and accidentally knocked the top off my bottle of shoe deodorant powder, and dumped it all into my shoes at once. That was a less than ept end to the evening, leaving me tipping white powder out of my climbing shoes and swearing at myself. Oh, how relaxing.

Hands red raw, I Ubered home. This has been my fourth day without coffee, and my first exercise in almost a week. I really nerd to establish a routine again, and by that I mean a routine where I don’t spend all my time eating and sitting down. Onwards, ever onwards…

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