Late night lunacy

After a fun day with friends visiting from Singapore, we tried to get the kids to bed. La Serpiente read an entire book for her bedtime Story by herself, leaving me shocked and awed, and then fell straight to sleep. Destroyer, omnthe other hand, was wide awake. After some shuffling around her bed, she asked me if she could have some clip on earrings, a question so specific and so clearly framed that all we could do was laugh.
I sneaked out of their room a bit later but Destroyer followed me down, asking for a nighttime snack. In a great display of parental hypocrisy I told her she couldn’t (while simultaneously stuffing my craw with Marks & Spencers cheesy poofs) and then took her back to her bed, where miraculously she fell quickly to sleep.

I went downstairs and began to glue together some miniatures for my next Blood Bowl team, the noxious Bogenhafen Laundrymen (aka the Bog Washers).

At about eleven, there was a terrible thump from upstairs. Talk about falling asleep. We rushed up, thinking Destroyer had launched herself from the top bunk, but it was La Serpiente rolling out of the lower bunk, and not even disturbed by the whole experience. At least, she wasn’t disturbed.

My wife fell asleep soon after. I’d had a nap at 5 this afternoon after I couldn’t talk or think any more, so I assume I’ll be up half the night..

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