Late night panic, early morning more so

Last night, as I was retiring, I suddenly realised there was an important presentation that was happening at eight o’clock this morning, that wasn’t complete. I spent an hour scrabbling trying to figure out if it was saveable, or nothing to worry about, or a disaster, or somewhere in between, then went to bed, because staying up until past 1am wasn’t going to make things any better, or make me sound any smarter today.

I woke up at seven and checked the presentation. Well, La Serpiente woke me up at four and made me sleep on her floor, and then I woke up at seven and sequestered myself in the spare room, and checked the presentation. Still not finished.

I think it was completed five minutes after the deadline, which was good, because the meeting started ten minutes late. I think maybe this is why I’m getting grey hairs. Surely nothing to do with the passage of time…

This evening, after work and putting La Serpiente to bed (which involved reading Robert Munch’s Ribbon Rescue three times, and one section of Tennyson’s The Lady Of Shallott (there was somebody who knew his onions) and after wrestling with online booking systems and calming down after our local Mexican restaurant ran out of guacamole (do McDonald’s run out of ketchup? Does KFC run out of chicken? Come on hipsters, learn from the corporate monsters!) I finally got out for this evening’s run.

Tonight was a distance run, which on my schedule is 50-75 minutes plus an optional second run. I was aiming for an hour, but got home in 52 minutes and felt I’d rather short-changed myself, despite running up and down Mount Faber. I only did about 9k, which feels very slow, but for the next few weeks I’m concentrating on building up my base and not trying for all out pace. That will come.

Actually, come to think of it I have a relay race (3.8k round Bedok, with a raffle to win a toaster oven at the end) on the 5th of March – I wonder if I’ll be going any faster then, or still be in slogging mode. Next week I lose three days and four nights to a trip to Tokyo – if I can do anything to maintain some training volume over the week, I’ll be happy. And quite surprised. Maybe it’s meant to be a recovery week…


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