Late night slumber party

Two of our friends had their anniversary tonight, and because they also have a three year old, they dropped him round to us to look after.

Now, tonight my wife went out dancing, and I had a late conference call, so I wasn’t quite ready to handle three children. Three children who gibbered excitedly and wouldn’t sleep, and instead kept on fighting against the dying of the light.

Bless our visitor’s heart though, he told me I was distracting him and had to go, which was my cue to leave the room. That didn’t stop the goings on – a procession of children coming out of their bedroom and demanding to visit the toilet again, and again and again.

La Serpiente was better behaved, in that she went straight to sleep, but managed to spread eagle herself across the entire bed so the other two had no room to sleep. I went from thinking about the evening’s call to manhandling sleeping children and back again, with the occasional detour into wiping burns. Ah, the glamour, the glamour.

Late, very late, they all settled, about 10:15pm. My hopes of watching Crying Fist and having a good weep were in tatters. And I still had an hour of calls ahead of me. I suppose tomorrow will be restful.

No, of course it won’t.

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