Late night stresses

I slept well last night, woke up this morning and had a productive day of work where it felt like I could just get things done for a change, after a time when my brain seemed clogged with soup.
I drank more coffee, and that put a dent in things, but I made it through the day, got the kids to sleep, and then began to panic:

The schools will be operating remotely probably for the rest of the year

Social gatherings in Washington of more than 10 people are banned again (so my Blood Bowl tournament in August is probably screwed)

I tried to cancel my flights to London and get a refund, and all record of my ticket appears to have vanished. So that’s a long phone call tomorrow

And my blood pressure is way up. But maybe blame that on the rest …

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      • Wow. That’s tough. UK gov desperate for parents to be able to get back to work so from September we are allowed bubbles of up to 240 pupils. Not sure what this is supposed to save compared with allowing all 900 of them to mix freely.

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