Late night TV

I tried reaching La Serpiente to wheelie today, and as a first step we worked on positioning. So I put her on her bike, held her backwards and the front wheel came up … And then we found she couldn’t pedal. So that was an interesting half hour.

Destroyer continued to ride around and around the park. A good lap for her is about a minute, so next I need to measure this and figure out how far she could travel in half an hour, and thus if that’s time to get to the cafe or not. And then how long an 11 mile ride will take her.

Tonight I put the kids down, then watched TV for a few hours. We watched the first episode of Watchmen, the kind of sequel to the comic book / the movie. It’s very odd in these times to show the police, equipped with all sorts of military hardware, as the good people, but then their antagonists are suicidal white supremacists. Give it a few episodes to make itself clearer (although it it made by Damon Lindehof, he of Lost, so perhaps it will just vanish up its own firmament).

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  1. OMG you need to teach me how to wheelie. Trying to wheelie is my morning task. But obviously I haven’t got someone to hold me in position to experience where the balance point is. To be honest, I am nowhere near it at the moment. But how much of that is being scared to push really hard in case I fall off the back?
    Watchmen is so good I actually save the episodes when I want to look forward to something rather than ploughing straight through the series like I usually do.

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