Late start

The alarm went off at seven, as it always does, but I’d woken up at 5 this morning, so I snoozed it. And snoozed it again, and again, until at 7:30 my wife woke up, flummoxed and panicked, and rushed about waking the children and getting them ready, while I floundered. We still got them dressed and out the door on time, and I had them dropped off at school and time to get a coffee and come back for a 9am conference call, so as far as I was concerned this was just totally efficient. Even the bit where Destroyer told us off because we put her skirt on without remembering underwear for her first.
I had a pretty long day ahead of me, full of meetings and working on presentations, and stopping to eat some of the gingerbread my wife baked yesterday. I got home to find the children marauding and my wife laid up with back ache.

It was my turn to get the kids down, so I hosed them off with water in the shower and then put them in their bedroom. My wife and I were trying to eat a quiche while La Serpiente decided to hide inside her wardrobe, at which point Destroyer tried to slide the wardrobe doors shut, La Serpiente retaliated and I came in a minute later to find Destroyer wailing and looking like she’d had her front teeth knocked out, so warped was her facial expression.

It was just a squashed finger and an ice pack helped, but Destroyer kept sobbing and La Serpiente showed her great capacity for empathy by noisily complaining that Destroyer was being too loud for her to sleep next to. Oh, the joys of parenthood.

Both girls asleep by 9, I had a relaxing game of Blood Bowl where I was thrashed by the opposition, while my wife went for a (hopefully) restorative walk. And so to bed.

Oh, and ten minutes of juggling practice today. This needs to be a more regular thing.

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