Late start

La Serpiente came into our bedroom about 2 this morning and because it was the weekend, I let her lie next to me. This was a bad idea because she wriggled all night and then demanded I get up to entertain her at 7 in the morning, when I was in no mood to do so. Eventually she went downstairs and I came down to find both girls screaming for Tottoro-related reasons.

The day got better after about an hour, when we persuaded them to eat, but that took too long, and then we went out to the palace of delights that is Costco.

If you’ve not heard of this, Costco is a huge warehouse in the middle of nowhere, where you can buy stuff in bulk. The level of presentation is like a less glamorous Aldi – pallets of bulk goods everywhere – but it’s cheap, even if we did manage to spend over a hundred dollars and come back with, well, I’m not quite sure what. Biscuits?

We fed the girls lots of things for lunch (principally pizza) and then headed home, and after I’d gone to the somewhat disappointing intergalactic supply store (it was closed for refurbishments) and bought my wife some pre-emptive chocolates, then we all went back out again, for a trip to the beach. The beach in February is of course incredibly cold, but that didn’t stop the girls playing in the sea without complaint. Mad little things.

In the evening, my wife went out for some fun while I put the kids to bed. That meant I fell asleep and woke up at 9:30, still groggy, in time to lose two games of Blood Bowl in fairly quick succession, which was a little frustrating. Just when I thought I was getting better. I suppose it proves I wasn’t getting better after all.

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