Lava monsters and booze

We drove back from Kentville to Dartmouth today, a journey of about 100 km, and then I fell asleep when we got back, exhausted by the concentration of driving. Or because I didn’t have enough coffee to drink.
In the morning we went to a playground with the kids and I raced La Serpiente around the soccer field a few times. They also insisted on playing a game called Lava Monster. In this, I can only see the children if they’re on the ground and not on a climbing frame. So they climbed on the climbing frame and stayed there, which gave me, as Lava Monster, nothing to do. So I got bored and wandered off. That’s meta gaming for you.

For lunch we went to a brewery inside a former church. They had kept all the original fixtures, including listing the beers available on the sign where the psalms would usually be listed. Was that sacrilegious or just environmentally friendly? I can’t say; I had a sandwich and then got in the car to drive back.

In the evening we toasted marshmallows, then the girls ran around and played in the blueberry bushes for an hour, and finally they went to sleep. Then I could catch up on work, which was less than thrilling when it involves a red hot laptop on your knees and a lot of thinking. But onwards!

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