Lazy Friday

With July 4th on a Thursday, Seattle felt like a ghost town today. I had to go to three different coffee shops to find oen that hadn’t taken the long weekend off, and then the coffee I got was adequate but no more. I busied myself at work with all the tasks I’d usually not have the time for, and also managed to fit in a game of Blood Bowl (losing 4-0 to a nice man in Sweden). A typical Friday, I guess.
When I got home tonight, the girls were both demented. My wife was at a loss to explain it as they usually act like that when they’re really tired, and it hadn’t been a big day for them. There was growling and weeping about eating broccoli, about not shoving one another, about who got to look at the popcorn when it was made, about whether they needed to use the toilet before bed, about whether they deserved bedtime stories or not… The litany of complaint went on and on, at least until they both fell asleep in five minutes flat.

That left me the evening to play another game of Blood Bowl (this time losing 4-1 but at least managing to score, although it was a match where I couldn’t be sure if I was being unlucky or stupid). Finally, I played my league match with my highly unreliable goblins, and trounced the opposition. The ref failed to ban my chainsaw (twice), I successfully argued to keep Pinkeye Growthspurt, my champion fouler, on the pitch, and though he played the classic stalling game, trying to force me to bring on all my illegal toys at the end of the first half to then get banned, I gave him a few nasty surprises and stopped him scoring. In the final stages of the game, when he only had 4 players left, I jogged to a 1-0 victory, a nice way to finish the evening off, before spluttering my way to bed.

And so to the weekend…

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